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My insurance company offered me a check. Why do I need a lawyer?


You've just been involved in a car accident. It wasn't your fault and now you're hurt.

The insurance company offered you a check right away to settle your case and you're wondering if you should accept their offer or fight for more.

Attorney Gloria Seidule weighs in:

An insurance adjuster has one thing on their mind, how to get rid of the case, settle it for the least amount of money, and get a release.

You might want to sign the release and cash the check. But Seidule advises against that.  

What you want is a lawyer to take a look at your damages and to evaluate what are going to be the problems that you're going to have in the future, how is that going to affect your life, and how much is that going to cost.

Insurance adjusters don't take into account future medical bills, your job, or your ability to work.  A car accident attorney can evaluate your claim and make sure that what you're settling for is a fair offer to compensate you for all of your damages, not just in the past, but also for what's up the road.

The Law Office of Gloria Seidule has been helping auto accident injury victims for over 25 years. Swift, fierce and passionate about justice, Gloria Seidule will fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

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