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Can I sue an apartment building owner for negligent security for a rape that occurred?


There is no excuse for an apartment complex not to have decent security. So, if you're sending your kid to college or if you're going to rent out your own apartment, the first thing you want to look at is the security in the building. If they have a history of problems at the apartment complex, then we can put together the records and show that they knew they had a problem and did nothing about it and as a result, you or your loved one was injured from the lack of security.

So, it takes some investigatory work on the part of the attorney in order to put together a case. One of the key issues is key control so that they have keys to your apartment. If they don't control those keys and somebody gets a hold of the key, they can let themselves into your apartment and that's when unfortunately bad things happen, and unfortunately, people have to contact lawyers.

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