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Dan - 2017, Automobile Accident Victim

Dan wrote he was 100% happy with the services from the Law Office of Gloria Seidule. He stated what he liked about GloriaLaw was “trust” and “Being up front with all information. Always felt liked she was looking out for my best interest”. He would “100%” re-hire GloriaLaw and would “always” recommend the firm.

Bert Mautz

Accessible, responsive and knowledgeable, Gloria Seidule will forever have my appreciation and admiration.” Bert Mautz has great things to say about Gloria. Call to see how she can help you in your personal injury or medical malpractice case today!


Great Attorney I highly recommend her to family and friends
Gloria is a very knowledgeable attorney. Exceptional, Outstanding, superb, just a few words to describe her. I have used her twice for two different cases, and her professionalism is second to none. She was able to settle both cases and received a great settlement for both. It wasn't easy, but she is very patient and understanding. Her clients are her priority. Besides being a great attorney she is also a great person and will fight to always make sure you are happy and satisfied.
What else can I say about Gloria Seidule? Well I am sure she'll be my attorney next time I need one, you should do the same.

Robin - 2015, Automobile Accident Victim

Responsive and got results from the insurance company
After calling Ms. Seidule after my accident, I felt confident to have my case with her and the staff. She handled all the insurance calls, explained my medical reports and advised me about the recovery process. When it was time for court she made me feel confident and the end results were more that I could have imagined to help me with future surgeries. Anytime you need a lawyer who is committed to her clients. Call Gloria Seidule

"Happy client" - 2015, Personal Injury

In 2013 I was injured while walking my dog near my residence at Newport Isles - my injury was the result of my HOA not properly overseeing the construction that resulted in my requiring surgery and rehabilitation that took the better part of 2 years. The HOA tried to use every excuse they could of to evade taking on the liability for their oversight and attempted to place the fault on me opposed to their misconduct. Gloria Seidule stood by me through my case, even at times when I thought about giving up or attempting to escape having to relive that moment again. She supported my beliefs in pursuing justice and always took a stand to look out for me and my future. Her services and personal attention in my case was by far the reason for me being able to win my case and another victim to the "Big Bad HOA Management Companies of SLC". She prepared me by letting me know what to expect throughout my case and always gave me the worst case scenario, even though at times it was not what I wanted to hear. Honesty is big with me, and throughout my case I acquired a lot of respect for Gloria, because I know an "HONEST" attorney is a rare find. She would stop at a moment notice to take my calls and listen to my concerns. I have never looked kindly on attorneys, thinking they were always more into the case for themselves opposed to being in it for their clients, however, after meeting Gloria, my views since my case have changed and I wouldn't hesitate contacting her again in the event I am ever in need of her services in the future. If you are considering seeking legal advise or are in need of an attorney that you can trust and that is dedicated to their practice, you would be wise to contact Gloria Seidule and see for yourself the dedication and experience she can offer you. THANK YOU Gloria for being who you are!!!!!!
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