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Medical Malpractice News Update

4th District Court MRSA appeal update. Doctors and Staff Miss a Bleeding Spleen Causing Death. Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney.

MRSA Case Update

Hospital infections can be prevented and should be prevented by the hospital staff. Let's not accept infections as a risk of hospitalization.

Hospital and Clinical Negligence in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Suffering due to medical negligence? Seeking for a help? Hire medical malpractice attorney in Stuart Florida for the right compensation. Read more!

What you need to know about medical negligence lawsuits

What you need to know about a medical negligence lawsuit and what it entails. Read this article by attorney Gloria Seidule.

Be Careful What You Sign When Entering the Hospital or Doctor's Office

Medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer explains why shouldn't you blindly sign any medical document put in front of you. Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie.

Seeing an ER Doctor in Person: Becoming antiquated?

As telemedicine expands its reach into emergency rooms, new risks are introduced. Learn the advantages, disadvantages from a Stuart personal injury lawyer.

“Never Events” in Hospitals

Even the most routine and safe procedures can go wrong under certain circumstances. Learn about the hazards of never events from experienced Stuart FL medical malpractice attorney Gloria Seidule.

Hospitals in the Treasure Coast Fall Short on Ratings

How does your Treasure Coast hospital rank in terms of patient care and safety? You may be surprised. Learn about your risk of MRSA and other HAIs here from Personal Injury Lawyer Gloria Seidule.

Early Discharge from Hospitals

No one wants to stay in the hospital longer than necessary, but serious problems can arise when patients are discharged too soon. Learn more from experienced Stuart FL medical malpractice attorney Gloria Seidule.