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Auto Accidents & The Intricacies of Insurance

Injured in a car accident in Stuart or Port St Lucie? You may need help understanding and knowing what you need to know about your auto insurance. Call Personal Injury Lawyer Gloria Seidule today.

What Type Of Auto Insurance Should I Buy?

Car accidents can leave you with unpaid car expenses, unpaid medical bills, lost work and income, permanent injuries and permanent medical problems. Learn how you can protect yourself.

The Self Driving Car’s Impact on the Auto Industry

Early studies show that self-driving cars are safer, but new technologies often come with unforeseen consequences. A good car accident attorney for your case in Stuart or Port St Lucie can help.

Liability Car Insurance & How Much You Need

It’s extremely important to have the correct amount of liability insurance to cover the value of your assets and the combined value of your total savings and property.

Auto Injury Settlement Experience

Here at the Law Office of Gloria Seidule, we have more than 30 years worth of experience handling car accident cases and success obtaining settlements for our clients.