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Video Series 3 #4 - Take Pictures of Your Car Accident

If you're in a car accident, it's important to get photos of your car and the other vehicle(s) involved. Learn how your phone's camera feature can help you get justice.

Video Series #3 Episode #3 - Drunk Driving Case Study

Seriously injured in an accident caused by a repeat-offender drunk driver, we fought for and received justice and compensation for our client. If you've been injured The Law Office of Gloria Seidule will fight for you too.

Why Do I Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Port St. Lucie

Are you or your loved one suffering from an injury due to medical negligence? Read now to find the questions to ask your malpractice attorney in Port St. Lucie.

Why distracted driving is an increasing concern for Stuart personal injury law firms that deal with auto accidents

Distracted driving is an increasing epidemic that is resulting in more and more road accidents every year. Find out why this is a concern for personal injury law firms in Stuart.

Is Running A Red Light Worth The Risk?

Injured in a road accident? Searching for help to get the right compensation? Hire personal injury attorney in Stuart Florida and overcome the situation.

Rear-End Car Accidents Who’s at Fault?

Contrary to popular belief if your rear-ended a car that was stopped in front of you, you may not be at fault. Get the facts about rear-end car accidents.

How Long do I have to initiate an auto accident Lawsuit in Florida?

There is a statute of limitations in the state of Florida you must file a personal injury lawsuit within. Learn more from a Stuart personal injury lawyer.