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Signs of Elder Abuse Stuart FL

Florida law states that all nursing home residents are entitled to a set of basic rights. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse in Stuart FL, as in the rest of the country, is a serious issue, with neglect being considered one of the most common forms.

If you’re concerned that a loved one may be the victim of nursing home abuse, look for these important signs so you can take steps to protect their health and safety.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Stuart FL

Many nursing home residents are there because they’re no longer able to look after their own needs. That makes it difficult to stand up to abusive behaviors or to fight back if someone verbally, physically, or emotionally abuses them. While signs of abuse may overlap with dementia or mental deterioration, if you notice any of these symptoms or changes, the odds are good there is abuse happening.

  • Physical abuse is the most obvious and can include broken and fractured bones, bruises and welts, broken accessories like eyeglasses, or social withdraw. Physically abused people also startle or scare easily. Sexual abuse signs include infections, STDs, social withdrawal, and bleeding.
  • Emotional abuse is typically subtle, so it may take more time to notice. Pay attention to even small changes in behavior, a new fear of being left alone, refusal to take medications, or repetitive motions such as rocking back and forth.
  • Financial abuse can be difficult to uncover because the victim is often coerced into giving consent. Look for unexplained expenditures, signing up for services that require monthly payments, charitable donations to questionable causes, or billings for additional medical or care costs.

What to Do

The unfortunate reality of nursing home abuse in Stuart FL is that it’s not always obvious, even to the victim. If you suspect elder abuse, it’s a good idea to talk to someone at the Law Office of Gloria Seidule for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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