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Child Sexual Abuse Attorney in Stuart and Port St Lucie

child sexual abuse lawyer holds a person, business, school or organization responsible for their actions against a child.   Gloria Seidule is an experienced child abuse lawyer in Stuart and Port St Lucie, Florida.

Gloria Seidule has been practicing law and obtaining justice for victims for over two decades. Cases involving child sexual abuse are tragic, delicate and require an experienced attorney who can navigate the nuances of difficult cases.

November, 2012

Suit Filed on Teacher Innappropriate Sexual Behavior and Speech in Classroom

For television and newspaper articles on this case, please refer to the "In The News" section of this website.

What is Child Sexual Abuse Law?

child sexual abuse lawyer holds the person or business responsible for the sexual abuse of  children. People, businesses, little leagues, churches, camps, schools, day cares, foster care or any other place where sexual predators have access to children should be held accountable for the abuse of our innocent children. When a child is abused, there will be past and future mental anguish and medical bills for treatment. The business responsible for these damages should be held accountable.

How Will My Child be Protected During Litigation?

The parent or guardian will bring the case on behalf of the child. The child’s identity will be kept anonymous. The child’s involvement will be minimal. Counseling is recommended.

Child Sexual Abuse, What You Should Know

Never allow your children to be unsupervised with other children or adults.Do not depend upon other adults to take care of your children without thorough screening.Children who have been sexually abused are at higher risk to be sexual predators.Abuse must be reported to either the State or the Police.Watch for warning signs such as gifts from an adult, a change of behavior in your child, bedwetting, fearfulness, drop in grades, depression.Wherever there are children, there is a risk of a sexual predator.Sexual predators look for hunting grounds and prey. Hunting grounds are churches, day cares, schools, camps, libraries, playgrounds, police department jobs, legislative jobs, volunteer positions. The prey are your children.Counseling is very important to victims of sexual abuse. 

The Penn State Sexual Abuse Case is Not Unusual

Gloria Seidule has been handling sexual abuse cases just like the Penn State case for many years. The theme is always the same.  Institutions put the well-being of their reputations above the well-being of children.  The threat of punishment for civil damages is the tool used by GloriaLaw to force institutions to implement programs to recognize, report and stop sexual abuse of children.

Currently, a school board is refusing to fire a sexual predator, and instead punished the child by removing him from the classroom for speaking up. Sexual abuse is not limited to intercourse. Sexual abuse takes many forms, including mental and physical abuse of a sexual nature.  Inappropriate touching, words , actions, gifts, and threats are all forms of sexual abuse. All of these types of abuse are actionable.  If you suspect your child has been the victim of sexual abuse, call GloriaLaw today. I can help.

Be alert about sex offenders in Florida

There are databases listing registered sex offenders in your area. In addition to teaching children to be aware, be alert and speak up, these databases can provide you with information you may feel is crucial.If you’re in need of a child abuse attorney in Stuart, Florida, GloriaLaw is ready to help you build a case and get the justice you and your child deserve. Gloria has decades of experience fighting for abused children in Florida and she also represents victims of medical malpracticemedication errorschildren’s injuries and more.

For more information about how Gloria can help you or if you have any questions about how to find a child abuse attorney in Fort Pierce, Florida, call Gloria for a free consultation at 772-287-1220 today or contact her via her website. Your privacy is guaranteed. Call now for you free child sexual abuse case evaluation.