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Medication/Pharmacy Mistakes in Port St. Lucie

Medical mistakes happen every day despite careful monitoring and strict protocol, and the victims of medication errors in hospitals are not responsible for the damage caused. Medication errors can have long-term or even fatal results. If you or a loved one are the victim of a medication error in Port St. Lucie, Florida, you need an experienced attorney. The Law Office of Gloria Seidule has more than two decades of experience dealing with medication administration mistakes in Florida.

Pharmacy and medication mistakes can be fatal

The prescription provided to you at the drug store or hospital could contain the wrong dosage, the wrong drug, the wrong directions, or could require special monitoring when administered. All these mistakes are potential cases of drug malpractice. If this happens to you, contact the Law Office of Gloria Seidule.

Investigating the reason for the medication mistake

An experienced medication mistake lawyer will investigate how you received the wrong medication and holds the party who provided it responsible for the damages you’ve suffered. Whether your doctor hand wrote the prescription incorrectly, ordered the wrong drug, or the pharmacist misread the prescription or filled it incorrectly, Gloria will find out who made the mistake and hold them accountable for your injury.

Tips for medication prescription safety

Insist the doctor print your prescription instead of hand-writing it.Check that the correct dosage and type of pill is used by the pharmacist filling the script.Check the label and make sure it states the correct medication and dosage.Ask questions about every type of IV or pill you receive in the hospital. Just because the doctor orders it or the nurse hands it to you does not mean it is correct.Keep a list of your current medications and their dosages with you.If you are allergic to any medications, inform all doctors and nurses immediately.If you have an adverse reaction to a recently filled prescription, check the pills with a pharmacist or doctor to make sure it is the correct drug.Keep possession of the pills and bottle if you find out the prescription was filled incorrectly. It will be evidence in your case.

You are not responsible for medication errors

If you’ve been the victim of a medication error in Port St. Lucie, Florida, get in touch with Gloria as soon as possible. She has decades of experience in medication error cases, medical malpractice and more. Call for a free consultation at 772-222-3446 today or contact us online. Your privacy is assured.