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10 Tips For a Personal Injury Claim

1.       Communication is Crucial - Keep us Updated

When you go to the doctor, let us know immediately. It is crucial we follow your treatment very closely. If you get test results, call the office so we can secure your records. If you encounter any problems with appointments or doctors, we can help.

2.       Tell Every Doctor Every Symptom

If you go to a Primary Care Physician, make sure you explain every symptom you are experiencing. If you go to a foot doctor, make sure you also mention your shoulder and neck pain. They will record what you say, and those records will be obtained by the defense. If you leave any symptoms out of the record, the defense will use that against you. Tell the doctor when you have new symptoms and about your limitations. If you testify regarding certain complaints or limitations and these are not addressed in the medical records, your testimony lacks support.

3.       Do Not Tell The Doctor Anything Irrelevant to Your Care

If you tell the doctor information that makes no difference to your medical condition (i.e. “I want to sue”, or “My lawyer said…”) this will be recorded in your medical record and made part of your case.

4.       Be Consistent With How The Injury Occurred With Every Doctor

Make sure you are clear and explicit on how your injury occurred. Doctors are terrible note takers and could get your description wrong in the medical record. The defense will use that against you.

5.       Tell Your Doctor Everything About Your Past Medical History

In order to be fully informed and come to a good medical decision, your doctor needs to know about any preexisting medical conditions. Failure to disclose prior medical conditions can compromise your medical care and your legal case.

6.       Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

If the doctor recommends treatment, follow the instructions thoroughly. Failure to follow doctor’s advice will negatively affect your case.

7.       Let Us Know if You do Not Like the Doctor

If you are unhappy with the care you are receiving, call us immediately. We can help find you a new physician that suits your needs.

8.       Follow up on Referrals

If your doctor refers you to another physician, follow that advice. Keep us informed about any referrals before you go to the appointment.

9.       Levels of Care

In the field of Personal Injury Law, each step you take in your medical treatment can increase the value of your case. For instance, in neck and back cases, the insurance company evaluates whether you went to physical therapy, received injections, received a surgical recommendation and if you had surgery. Each step completed increases the insurance company’s potential offer to settle.

10.   Sources of Payment to Doctors

There are several ways to pay for your medical treatment.

  • ‍Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy in an automobile accident
  • Medical Payment (Med Pay) coverage in premises liability cases
  • Letters of Protection (LOP) from doctors who are willing to treat you and get paid after the case is settled

GloriaLaw will keep close track of your medical bills and help you get the treatment you deserve.

If you're unsure about any of the 10 tips for an injury claim call Gloria Seidule in Stuart, FL for more information