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Medication Errors in Pharmacy Lawsuit – No recovery No fees

Did your pharmacy give you or a loved one the wrong prescription drug or incorrect medication dosage? Did the mistake cause serious harm? 

Pharmacies play an important role in the healthcare industry, tasked with providing the correct and safe dosages of medicine. Pharmacy mistakes are serious problems that can lead to severe injury or wrongful death. An experienced pharmacy and medication error lawyer has the legal skills necessary to hold negligent parties fully responsible for actions that result in someone’s injury or death. 

Pharmacy Medication Errors

Prescription medications save lives by curing illnesses, treating chronic conditions, and supporting life. When a pharmacy error causes serious harm or death, loved ones often wonder if they’re entitled to file a lawsuit to seek financial compensation. 

Holding Pharmacists Accountable for Mistakes

Florida’s medical malpractice statute does not designate pharmacists as practitioners like it does for doctors and nurses meaning they have a different set of state rules and duties. Florida’s courts have held pharmacies responsible for damages related to:

  • Dangerously high doses of medication.
  • Patient reactions, sometimes fatal, to drugs they were prescribed.
  • Adverse reactions from mixing prescribed drugs.

To legitimately claim malpractice against a pharmacist he or she must have acted in a grossly negligent manner. A personal injury attorney specializing in pharmacy mistake injuries in Stuart FL can help determine if you have a case that meets the legal threshold. 

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Under Florida law, pharmacists owe their customers “a duty to possess and exercise” a reasonable degree of skill, knowledge, and care. Fortunately, today’s technology has provided greater safeguards at the pharmacy but risks still exist and mistakes still occur. 

If you believe you or a loved one have a pharmacy malpractice claim, our Stuart FL firm is here to help. Contact the Law Office of Gloria Seidule today for a free consultation.

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