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Accident Attorney Stuart FL

The 4 Common Types of Accident Cases We Handle in Stuart FL

An accident attorney in Stuart, FL handles much more than car accidents. The Law Office of Gloria Seidule also specializes in many other personal injury matters. If you are hurt due to another’s negligence, a personal injury or accident attorney can help you seek and collect any compensation you’re entitled to. 

Car and Motorcycle Accidents

If you or a loved one are involved in a car or motorcycle collision, a car accident lawyer can be your greatest advocate in getting compensation for any damages and medical expenses you incur because of another driver’s actions. 

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are some of the most complicated personal injury cases an attorney can handle. If you’re the victim of an error by a medical professional or facility, a personal injury lawyer with extensive knowledge of Florida’s medical malpractice statutes can fight on your behalf to hold the responsible party accountable for their wrongful actions. Gloria Seidule has specialized in medical malpractice cases for over 30 years. 

Slip and Fall

If you are injured on someone else’s property, you may have a valid personal injury claim for slip and fall. Bodily damages from falls can come on suddenly or may appear days, weeks, months, or even years down the road. A qualified accident attorney in Stuart FL can explain your legal rights and guide you on what steps to take to determine if a legal action is called for. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost income, and more. 

Child Sexual Abuse

The State of Florida enacted legislation that eliminates the statute of limitations relating to sexual battery of a child, if the victim is under 16 years of age at the time of the offense. Victims of child sexual abuse or violence deserve the expertise and professional guidance an accident attorney can offer to help victims seek justice, pursue remedies, and get the representation that’s in their best interests. 

Stuart FL Accident Attorney

For more than 35 years, the Law Office of Gloria Seidule has helped clients in Stuart, Port St Lucie, and Fort Pierce seek and recover the fair compensation they’re entitled to for injuries suffered from motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and/or child sexual abuse. 

If you have suffered a personal injury due to another person’s negligence, it’s important to contact a Stuart FL accident lawyer immediately so steps can be taken to recover the compensation you deserve. Call for your free consultation and case evaluation 772-287-1220.

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