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Can Adults Sue for Emotional Loss of Parent?

Why do we have a law in Florida that protects doctors in their professional capacity when their negligence causes a death?

What can jurors be told in a car accident case?

If you're selected to sit on a jury in a personal injury case, you may be surprised at just what you are and are not allowed to hear.

Limitation of Damages in the Parkland Shooting

Parkland school officials and the Broward school district won't be held financially responsible for the alleged negligence that led to the February 2018 shooting.

Missed diagnosis with tragic results

A missed spot on a chest x-ray meant the difference between treatable and inoperable. Medical malpractice can be a matter of life and death.

Texting and driving in Stuart, FL

In 2018 51,000 traffic accidents were blamed on distracted driving with an average of 140 crashes every day on I-95 running through the Treasure Coast.

Texting and Driving, The Rules and Your Rights

Police in Florida can now pull you over simply for texting and driving. You should always think safety first but it's important to know your rights.

What is MRSA and how can it be avoided?

MRSA is a strain of staph that causes infection. It can sometimes be life threatening and it's tougher to treat than most strains because it's resistant to many commonly used antibiotics.

Gloria Seidule Achieves Super Lawyer Status in Stuart FL

Finding an experienced Medical Malpractice – Personal Injury lawyer in Stuart, FL just got a lot easier. Call Gloria at 772-287-1220.

Personal Injury Attorney Who Truly Cares

You've been in an accident, but the bills keep coming and work still needs to get done. You need a personal injury attorney who cares as much about your case as you do, and you'll want to be a priority and not just a number.

Your insurance company is not your friend

Auto accident injury victims need someone to guide you through the claim process to make sure they receive the compensation you deserve. Personal Injury Lawyer Gloria Seidule will fight for justice!

How Do I Get Compensation For My Accident Injuries?

If you've experienced an injury through no fault of your own, it's important to know what to do after you've been hurt. There are a number of critical steps you must take to improve your chances of receiving compensation.

Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Been in an accident and wondering what to do about your medical expenses and loss of income? You may even be questioning if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer.