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Personal Liability

Is Running A Red Light Worth The Risk?

Injured in a road accident? Searching for help to get the right compensation? Hire personal injury attorney in Stuart Florida and overcome the situation.

Did you know that children's injuries occurring in Port St. Lucie fall under personal injury claims?

Enlist the help of personal injury lawyers in Port St. Lucie if your child has been injured through the wrongdoing or negligence of someone else.

Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil Mediator

Seidule puts the rights of her clients first, and she fights hard to uphold them. If you need any legal assistance, her firm offers free consultations any time.

Florida Psychologists Must Report Child Abuse

Gloria Seidule has 25 years experience in personal injury law. She stands up for the rights of both adults and children who have been the victims of abuse.

MRSA Appeal Case January 25, 2011

Infections are preventable, it just takes effort on the part of the hospital. They know how to do it, they just choose not to. Call if you need representation.

Auto Accidents & New Seatbelt Law

The U.S. Supreme Court established today that automakers can be sued for not properly equipping seatbelts with shoulder straps. Call today for representation.

What to Do During and After an Auto Accident

Have you been involved in an auto accident but didn't know what to do? Attorney Gloria Seidule offers some tips on how to respond when it happens to you.

Auto Accident Settles

A driver in Florida ran a stop sign, pulling out in front of another driver causing a serious head-on injury accident. Gloria Law successfully settled the case.

Automobile Uninsured Driver Insurance

People in Florida are not required by the FL Legislature to carry liability insurance on their car. Purchase uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself

Motorized vehicle injury liability

If you allow someone to drive a vehicle you own, and they cause an accident, you are liable simply because you own the car and permitted them to use it.

Underage Drinking Parties Liability - Injury Attorney

If an underaged drinker causes injury to himself or somebody as a result of consuming alcohol in your home, you can be held liable if you did not take action.