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Medical Errors

Hospitals Know How to Protect Mothers. But, Do They?

The best estimates show that at least half of maternal deaths can be prevented. Unfortunately, healthcare givers aren’t doing enough to save the situation.

“Never Events” in Hospitals

Even the most routine and safe procedures can go wrong under certain circumstances. Learn about the hazards of never events from experienced Stuart FL medical malpractice attorney Gloria Seidule.

Educate Yourself About Robotic Surgeries

Robotic surgeries are often touted as a safer option, but no medical procedure is completely without risk. Stuart FL malpractice attorney Gloria Seidule discusses the potential pitfalls and how you can help protect yourself.

Patients Lose Vision after Stem Cell Shots

Stem cell shots offer promise, but can often result in vision loss, heart failure arthritis and more. Did a procedure go wrong for you? Call personal injury lawyer Gloria Seidule today.

The Silent Killer: Opioid Abuse and the Elderly

Opioids are prescribed to the elderly more than any other age population. If you or a loved one have been victim of medication negligence, call the Law Office of Gloria Seidule for a free consultation.

Colonoscopy Medical Mistake

Colonscopies can carry serious complications and risks when performed incorrectly, and are sometimes even done unnecessarily. If you've suffered injury or complications related to a colonscopy, call Personal Injury Lawyer Gloria Seidule.

Hospital and Clinical Negligence in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Suffering due to medical negligence? Seeking for a help? Hire medical malpractice attorney in Stuart Florida for the right compensation. Read more!

What you need to know about medical negligence lawsuits

What you need to know about a medical negligence lawsuit and what it entails. Read this article by attorney Gloria Seidule.

Medical Error 3rd leading cause of death in US

With medical mistakes as the third leading cause of death (behind only heart disease and cancer), what can be done in reporting and prevention?