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Hospital Acquired Infections

Hospital Infections & Medicare in Stuart FL

In 2013, Medicare started penalizing hospitals that were giving infections to patients by not paying the hospitals for treating these infections. A recent study found less than encouraging results.

What is MRSA and how can it be avoided?

MRSA is a strain of staph that causes infection. It can sometimes be life threatening and it's tougher to treat than most strains because it's resistant to many commonly used antibiotics.

Something is Buggy in Nursing Homes

Drug-resistant infections are on the rise in nursing homes, and the residents are more at risk than most populations. Learn about the hidden dangers lurking from Gloria Seidule Personal Injury Lawyer.

Seeing an ER Doctor in Person: Becoming antiquated?

As telemedicine expands its reach into emergency rooms, new risks are introduced. Learn the advantages, disadvantages from a Stuart personal injury lawyer.

Sepsis: A Leading Cause of Death in Hospitals

Sepsis kills more people in the US than AIDS, prostate cancer & breast cancer combined. Call the Law Office of Gloria Seidule if you or a loved one has suffered.

The World Health Organization Warns Hospitals about Lethal Superbugs

Antibiotic-resistant diseases are on the rise. MRSA and healthcare-related infections can seriously injure or kill. Have you suffered an HAI? Call The Law Office of Gloria Seidule today. Free consultation.

Hospitals in the Treasure Coast Fall Short on Ratings

How does your Treasure Coast hospital rank in terms of patient care and safety? You may be surprised. Learn about your risk of MRSA and other HAIs here from Personal Injury Lawyer Gloria Seidule.

Hospital and Clinical Negligence in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Suffering due to medical negligence? Seeking for a help? Hire medical malpractice attorney in Stuart Florida for the right compensation. Read more!

What to do when hospital infections strike

Hospital infections are preventable - and yet they still cause pain, suffering and even deaths every year. How Stuart personal injury attorneys can help

Webinar for Attorneys on Hospital Acquired Infections

Gloria Seidule presented at a webinar aimed at informing attorneys of the latest trends regarding Hospital Acquired Infections and associated litigation.

MRSA Infection Case Dismissal Reversed by Appellate Court

Florida hospital faces a jury in a local woman's lawsuit to determine if its alleged lack of infection control practices caused her MRSA infection.

Antibiotic Resistance from the Legal Perspective

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria and hospital-acquired infections are on the rise. What does it mean from a personal injury law perspective? Find out here.