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Woman Jumps Out of Car to Avoid Truck Backing Over Her Vehicle and Crushing Her

Insurance Company Denies Fault and Later Settles After Extensive Discovery

A middle-aged woman was driving behind a commercial flat-bed truck with a forklift attachment.  The truck stopped on a residential street and backed up over the client’s car. Although our client used her car horn, he continued backing up and the forklift went on top of her car hood and shattered her windshield.  At rest, the wheel of the forklift was inside the driver’s compartment of her car.  The woman had to quickly remove her seatbelt and jump out of her car on the passenger side to avoid being struck by the forklift.  She sustained injuries to multiple body parts, and she had lumbar surgery.  Incredibly, the insurance company denied liability for the crash and blamed the client for the accident, claiming she pulled up too close and should have known the truck was going to back up. After extensive video work, reenactment and depositions, the insurance company finally settled the case.

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