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Sexual Assault in Laser Tag Game at Superplay

Four young girls, ages 12 and 15, went to Superplay, an amusement center offering bowling, mini-golf, laser tag and many other activities.  The girls entered the laser tag game played in a dark room.  An employee also allowed a group of young, teenaged boys who were there on a sponsored trip with a youth violence prevention program with the City of West Palm Beach.  While playing, the girls were repeatedly sexually assaulted and falsely imprisoned by the boys inside the laser tag room. This left them with psychological scarring which required counseling. Superplay initially denied responsibility for the assault. Gloria Seidule brought suit against  Superplay and The City of West Palm Beach alleging negligence in the operation of the laser tag game and by failing to have adequate supervision during the game. GloriaLaw reached a settlement for each of the girls.

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