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Video Series 3 #4 - Take Pictures of Your Car Accident

January 8, 2021
If you're in a car accident, it's important to get photos of your car and the other vehicle(s) involved. Learn how your phone's camera feature can help you get justice.

Video Series #3 Episode #3 - Drunk Driving Case Study

December 3, 2020
Seriously injured in an accident caused by a repeat-offender drunk driver, we fought for and received justice and compensation for our client. If you've been injured The Law Office of Gloria Seidule will fight for you too.

Defend the Constitution in the 2020 Presidential Election

November 11, 2020
I ask all lawyers in this country, regardless of your political affiliation, to do what is right — defend our United States Constitution in the 2020 election.

Security Company Held Not Liable for Pulse Nightclub Mass Shooting

November 4, 2020
A security company should have a heightened level of duty to hire stable people that are allowed to carry firearms as part of their jobs. Is the public less safe?

Coronavirus Update - Series 3, Episode #2 Hospital Visitors During COVID

October 29, 2020
There is little question that loneliness and isolation have been among the worst effects of the pandemic. Is it time to drop restrictions on hospital visitors?

Coronavirus Update - Series 3, Episode #1 - Jury Duty During COVID

October 27, 2020
Even though COVID-19 is far from over, you can now be called for jury duty in the state of Florida. But how do we do this in the midst of a pandemic?

Gloria Seidule Named as 2020 Super Lawyer

June 10, 2020
The Law Office of Gloria Seidule is proud to announce that Gloria has been named to the 2020 Super Lawyers list in the area of Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury - General.

Medical Arbitration Agreements - Should You Sign?

June 8, 2020
Many people in Florida feel pressured to sign Medical Arbitration Agreements, when they may not even understand what rights they may be waiving. So should you sign one?

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #3 Going Back To Work

April 28, 2020
Until we can get a cure, one thing is for sure: we all want to help our country and the world win this war against a microscopic virus. We are trying to decide how we will start at the business of living again.

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #4 - Two Types of Testing

April 28, 2020
As we decide whether to go back to work, the epidemiologists are saying we need to do testing first. There are two types of testing. Learn more about these types and what they can tell you.

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #5 - Rights vs Protections

April 28, 2020
As the U.S. decides to open up, we need to worry that coronavirus may come back stronger and win the war if we open up too early.

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #6 - Package Delivery Dangers

April 28, 2020
Since coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 72 hours, companies need to accept responsibility and give their workers masks, gloves, and sanitation equipment to keep everyone safe.

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #7 - Election

April 28, 2020
The presidential election is coming up November 3rd, 2020. We are still going to have to go to the polls. Why can't we have vote by mail or vote by internet?

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #8 - No Cure - What the Experts Say

April 28, 2020
What is the latest available info from researchers in regard to coronavirus developments? Gloria presents some of the medical research being shared across the world.

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #9 - No Known Cure

April 27, 2020
Not Clorox, not hydroxychloroquine; the only weapon that we have right now to win the war against COVID-19 is to stay home, stay safe, wash your hands and physically distance from other people.

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #2 Rights vs. Safety

April 13, 2020
We're going to have to weigh our constitutional rights and freedoms versus safety in order to safely open up the country again post-COVID-19.

Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #1 - Protect Frontline Workers

April 11, 2020
In order to protect their workers and the public, corporations need to step up and provide personal protection equipment to their workers.

Coronavirus Update #5 - Florida Tourists must Self-Quarantine

March 27, 2020
If you're coming to Florida thinking it's a vacation, it is not. The beaches are closed and you're asked to self quarantine for 14 days.

Coronavirus Update #6 - We Will Not be Open by Easter

March 27, 2020
The coronavirus curve is still going up, and this country is going to soon rank higher than any other country in the world for this virus.

Coronavirus Update #7 - The Invisible Enemy

March 27, 2020
I am wearing a mask because the United States is fighting a war against a microscopic enemy. Citizens need to treat it as such.