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Hospital Infections & Medicare in Stuart FL

November 26, 2019
In 2013, Medicare started penalizing hospitals that were giving infections to patients by not paying the hospitals for treating these infections. A recent study found less than encouraging results.

When can you file a wrongful death lawsuit?

October 24, 2019
A wrongful death lawsuit seeks a civil remedy (in the form of monetary damages) against an individual or company that played a role in the death of the decedent.

When to hire a lawyer in Stuart FL | Port St Lucie FL

October 15, 2019
The Law Office of Gloria Seidule brings you tips on when you need to hire a lawyer in Stuart or Port St. Lucie.

Pedestrian deaths are on the upswing in Stuart & Port St. Lucie

October 8, 2019
Pedestrian deaths are on the rise in the U.S. Learn some of the reasons so you can alert in the following situations.

Facts About Speed Limits in Florida

October 8, 2019
There is a direct relationship between car accidents and car crashes If you’ve been injured in a car accident call Law Office of Gloria Seidule in Stuart, FL.

Five Steps in Choosing the Best Lawyer for You in Stuart, FL

October 3, 2019
It’s important to build a relationship with your attorney that is based on trust. Here are some factors to consider as you make your choice.

Birth Injury Lawsuits in Stuart FL

September 30, 2019
Experiencing a birth injury is a devastating experience. A well planned and implemented legal strategy can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Liability Car Insurance & How Much You Need

September 24, 2019
It’s extremely important to have the correct amount of liability insurance to cover the value of your assets and the combined value of your total savings and property.

Court Watch - You Better Look Out for the Fine Print on Hyperlinks

August 21, 2019
The Florida 3rd District Court of Appeal in Miami ruled the citizens of Miami-Dade County cannot go to a jury trial against a wireless telephone service company if the company sent a text message to a purchaser with a hyperlink that stated the customer was agreeing to arbitration in the event of a dispute.

Court Watch - Florida Supreme Court Ruling Contrary to Florida Constitution

August 20, 2019
The Florida Supreme Court ruled the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) can decide what applicants to nominate before a vacancy on the Florida Supreme Court occurs.

Florida Texting While Driving Laws

August 15, 2019
Under the new law signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, law enforcement now has the authority to pull over drivers JUST for texting and driving. Learn what this means for you.

What is a Hijab?

August 13, 2019
How Can Women Be Told What to Wear? Imagine, in America, a woman being told that she has to cover her head with a scarf to go out in public. As a woman lawyer in America, I cannot imagine this happening.

Car Recall Lawsuits in Stuart FL

August 8, 2019
When a product is recalled, it is usually due to a safety concern. Consumers need to know their rights when dealing with recalled automobiles.

Passenger Rights Lawsuits, Stuart, FL, Attorney Gloria Seidule

August 1, 2019
Consumers need to have a voice in the way they are treated by the airlines. Where are governmental regulations? Where are the protections we deserve?

Anti-Vaxxers and Measles

July 11, 2019
Parts of the U.S. are reeling under the rapid increase in the number of children getting the potentially-life threatening disease because parents fear the vaccination.

Child Care Abuse

July 11, 2019
Our children are our most precious responsibility and making sure they’re safe when others are entrusted with their care is a major concern for parents.

Area Hospitals Show Great Improvement

July 11, 2019
Recently, seven of the eight hospitals serving the Treasure Coast received A or B grades for safety by The Leapfrog Group. See their grades here.

Elder Abuse: Its signs and prevention

July 11, 2019
How do you know if a loved one – or you, yourself – is being victimized? There are several simple steps that help recognize telltale signs.

MRSA in Schools

June 7, 2019
Parents with school-aged children in Martin and St Lucie Schools should be on the alert to the potential of contacting MRSA at school. Learn more about the illness and the action you should take if your child has MRSA.

Facts About MRSA Infection in Stuart, FL

June 7, 2019
There’s lots of chatter about MRSA in Stuart, FL these days, but do you know what it is, what causes it and who is most at risk of getting it?