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When Surgery Becomes a Nightmare

November 16, 2017

New Medical Issues After Surgery

Imagine this: you go in to have surgery, and the surgery for your original problem goes fine; however, you come out of the surgery with an entirely new issue.  Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes and there is a possibility for a medical mistake to lead to a completely different set of problems for a patient.  These problems could range from being minor and treatable at home to something more serious that results in a serious medical condition or requires another surgery or ultimately, leads to that patient’s immediate death.  As an example, a doctor has a patient on the surgical table and they lose grip of their tool and accidentally cut a patient’s nerve which causes an array of neurological issues in the patient’s arm. 

Possible Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

In the case above, a malpractice lawsuit could be a possibility, but these types of cases require a very certain type of expertise to successfully prove that the doctor or hospital was at fault for a patient’s damages.  One of the most common hurdles that attorneys run into regarding this type of case is when the physician notes that the patient has been advised as to and consents to the risks of the procedure, rendering the physician and hospital off the hook if things go wrong.  Similarly, in some cases, doctors can make mistakes, but they are expected to adhere to a specific standard of care after the fact.  An experienced attorney can help prove that just because the client was informed of the risks, the physician should still be held accountable due to the egregious damages sustained by the client.  Also, an experienced attorney will have the knowledge to pinpoint the areas where a doctor failed to uphold an adequate standard of care to a patient that they injured.

Successful Medical Malpractice Litigator

The Law Office of Gloria Seidule has successfully litigated many cases through the years dealing with various types of doctors’ medical mistakes.  Please call our office today if you or a loved one have gone through this or a similar experience so that we can see if you have been a victim of medical malpractice.