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What can jurors be told in a car accident case?

jurors shouldn't make assumptions
December 12, 2019

If you're selected to sit on a jury in a personal injury case, you may be surprised at just what you are and are not allowed to hear.

For instance, Florida law usually prohibits a jury in these cases from knowing whether a defendant has insurance coverage what type it is or the dollar amount. The thinking is that a jury will use this knowledge as a basis for deciding whether to award damages and how much rather than because of the evidence they've heard.

However, that doesn't keep jury members from speculating on whether or not the defendant has insurance. The very fact that he or she has an attorney usually leads to the opinion that counsel has been hired by an insurance company.

Since the defendant's insurance company pays most damages that the jury awards to the plaintiff, they will go to extraordinary lengths to keep insurance information away from the jury.

Jurors should not assume that the defendant will be financially hurt if significant damages are awarded, or that their insurance rates will go up. Insurance information cannot be disclosed to the jury but you can be sure that in most cases, there is an insurance company behind the defendant.

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