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Safety tips for driving near large trucks

car and large truck on highway
March 20, 2018

Getting into an accident with a large truck is no joke -- you're much more likely to incur an injury or serious damage to your car due to the size of a large truck. It's why you should be especially attentive when you're driving near a large truck. The following are a few safety tips for driving near large trucks that will help to reduce the risk of getting into an accident with one:

  • Pass as soon as possible - If you have an opportunity to pass around a large truck that's in front of you, make sure that you do so promptly. Don't linger to the side of the truck because you risk taking up a position in their blind spot. Try to start the passing maneuver far enough behind the truck so that they can see you in their mirror.
  • Avoid their blind spots - You should never drive side-by-side with a large truck if it's possible to avoid since they could wipe you off the road if they decide to change lanes and they don't see you.
  • Keep your distance - Don't drive too close to the back of a truck. It may be difficult for them to see you there. Additionally, large trucks are known to blow out their tires - it's why they have so many of them. You won't want to be near a truck when one of its tires blows out, which is why you should stay a safe distance behind them (and why you shouldn't spend much time driving beside them if possible).
  • Give the truck time to stop - Remember that the heavier a vehicle is, the longer it will take them to come to a full stop. Generally speaking, a large truck that's going 65 mph will need as much as 200 yards to come to a full stop. Account for the time it will take for them to stop when braking behind them.
  • Pay attention - Just pay attention to what the truck is doing, whether they are slowing down, stopping, turning or changing lanes. If you're not paying attention, you could slam into them -- and you're likely to take the brunt of the damage as a result.

Use these tips to drive safely near large trucks. If you need a truck accident lawyer, be sure to contact us at the Law Office of Gloria Seidule for a free consultation and case evaluation today.

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