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Rear-End Car Accidents Who’s at Fault?

rear end car accident
June 7, 2019

An increase in the number of distracted driving car accidents in Stuart, Florida means a big increase in the number of rear-end car accidents. If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking in your rearview mirror and crossing your fingers, hoping that the person behind you is paying attention to the road.

But safe and conscientious drivers cause rear-end accidents, too. However, the good news – which most people don’t realize – is that the driver of the car making an impact is NOT automatically at fault.

According to Florida’s 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Restal v. Bridget A. Nocera, even though Restal rear-ended Nocera, there was evidence that Nocera did not engage her brakes and veered in and out of a turn lane. Additionally, there was a dispute as to whether Nocera came to a rolling stop or only slowed down slightly. This evidence was enough to present to a jury to determine whether Restal was completely or partially at fault.

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