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Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #5 - Rights vs Protections

coronavirus may resurge
April 28, 2020

Hi, my name is Gloria Seidule. This is Series Two, Episode Five of my coronavirus series. As the U.S. decides to open up, there are a few balancing questions that need to be answered.

Yes, there are those people who want to go back to work, they want to go to the movie theater, they want to go to the nail salon, they want to go to the restaurant, et cetera.

Then there are those people who are perfectly fine with social distancing and working from home.

As we're weighing these rights, we have to be worried about what's called a resurgence. A resurgence is if the coronavirus comes back stronger and wins the war if we open up too early. Let's be careful as we're balancing rights and reopening in the country to prevent a resurgence. Stay safe out there.

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