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Coronavirus Update #7 - The Invisible Enemy

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March 27, 2020

I am Gloria Seidule. I am a lawyer. I am wearing a mask because the United States is fighting a war against a microscopic enemy. This is episode seven in my series on the coronavirus. President Trump has called this virus and invisible enemy. This is war. Every person in America has to understand we are in a world war against one common enemy, the coronavirus.

What happens during wartime? Everybody in the country sacrifices for one common goal. Defeating the enemy. We need a strong leader who communicates effectively to the people telling them what we must do as a country to win this war. From a legal standpoint, the failure to do what is reasonable is negligence.

Before your company, your family, your government, your friends, your state, your local government, your healthcare provider acts, the question must be asked, is this what the reasonable person would do? Wearing a mask is reasonable. If you have one wear it, if you have extras, donate them, stay safe out there.

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