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Coronavirus Update #4 - Coronavirus Money - Spend it Wisely

stimulus money
March 26, 2020

Hi, my name is Gloria Seidule, and yes, I am wearing a mask because I have been advocating that everybody wear a mask if you can get one or have one, and everybody should be provided a mask in this country of possible. I'm at a studio recording this and I want to keep everybody safe. I want to talk for just a minute about the stimulus that just passed in this country.

Now everybody's going to be getting a little money to help out with whatever costs, whatever prices they have to pay for food, et cetera. Don't let this be a mixed message to you. This does not mean that everybody is going to get this money. And get to go on with their life and go do stuff outside

When you get the stimulus money, and hopefully that'll be soon, and hopefully this will help you out with your bills, don't let it be a mixed message to go out and do something that does not comport with staying self isolated.

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