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Coronavirus Update #12 - Can Your Pet Carry the Coronavirus?

yellow labrador retriever
March 27, 2020

Hi, my name is Gloria Seidule. I'm a lawyer, and this is episode 12 in my coronavirus series. A big question people have, do pets carry coronavirus? Well, let's look at it from a basic standpoint. If you have the virus and you cough, all these little microscopic virus molecules are going to be flying through the air, and if your pet is sitting next to you, it's going to land on your pet.

Then if you're self isolating at home and you're trying to stay away from your other family members because you have the virus. And then the dog runs outside and somebody takes the dog for a walk down the neighborhood and the kids come up and they pet the dog. That virus stays alive on a surface in some cases for many days.

So in that way, of course, pets can carry the coronavirus. Stay safe out there.


Thank you loyal listeners for watching series one of Gloria Seidule's coronavirus videos. Series two will be recorded remotely and posted on Facebook, YouTube, and Gloria on April 10th. Stay safe out there.

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