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Coronavirus Update - Series 2, Episode #2 Rights vs. Safety

us constitution - rights vs safety
April 13, 2020

Hi, I'm Gloria Seidule. I'm a lawyer. This is series two, episode two of my coronavirus series. Right now we are in the peak of the pandemic. Soon we will be entering into a transition period. Trends in Medicine magazine says the last case peaks in the country may hit in late May. This is a long time to be under quarantine, but soon, we will be moving into a transition period.

We're going to have to weigh our constitutional rights and freedoms versus safety in order to safely open up the country again. Countries like Germany are tracking people and they are going to be watching them and putting them in "Quarantine Hotel". I don't know about you, but I would like to be able to go to a baseball game, but also not be worried that the person next to me is a COVID-19 carrier.

Let's think about our freedoms. Be safe out there.

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