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Personal Injury Lawyer Stuart Free Consultation & Case Evaluation

Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart, Port St. Lucie & Fort Pierce
Medical Negligence & Medical Malpractice
  • Hospital errors 
  • Hospital infections
  • Medical negligence
  • Bullet Surgical mistakes
  • Defective devices
  • More….
Medical Malpractice
Medical Negligence
Nursing Home Abuse and Eldercare Neglect
  • Physical abuse 
  • Sexual abuse 
  • Neglect
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • More….
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Nursing home abuse
Elder neglect & abuse
Medication Mistakes and Pharmacy Errors
  • Medication mistakes 
  • Pharmacy errors 
  • Over prescribed 
  • Medication injuries
  • More….
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Medication mistakes
pharmacy errors
Slip and Fall
Premises Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Public property 
  • Private property
  • Retail stores
  • More….
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slip and fall
premises liability
Personal Injury Law
  • Car accident injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip & fall 
  • Wrongful death
  • Closed head injuries
  • More….
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Personal injury Law
Hospital acquired infections and MRSA
  • MRSA
  • Norovirus
  • Acinetobacter baumannii
  • Influenza
  • Psuedomonas aeruginosa
  • More….
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Hospital acquired infections and mrsa
Auto Accidents and Truck Accidents
  • Death
  • Disability
  • Paralysis
  • Lost income
  • More….
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Auto accidents
truck accidents
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Children's Injuries and Child Sexual Abuse
  • At school 
  • Medical abuse 
  • Relatives
  • Strangers
  • More….
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Children's injuries
Child abuse
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About Gloria

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Gloria Seidule fights for your rights. She is passionate about justice. She has won numerous multi million dollar verdicts and settlements for her clients. Experience matters. Let her 30 years of litigation experience work for you.
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Auto Accidents
  • Slip and Falls
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Medical Malpractice
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Latest news

Gloria Seidule Takes on Nursing Homes

Personal Injury Attorney Gloria Seidule fights for justice and to help stop nursing home abuse. Righting wrongs for 30 years, she's got the experience and resources to take on the most challenging cases.

Man Loses Leg due to Nursing Home and Medical Malpractice

Gloria Seidule’s client thought his surgeon had saved his leg when he was discharged to a nursing home. But an infection developed and the nurses and doctors ignored it resulting in an amputation. Gloria Seidule is bringing a medical malpractice and nursing home abuse case, a high level of difficulty case with numerous defendants. Some personal injury lawyers do not handle this high level of difficulty case due to inexperience and lack of funds.  Gloria Seidule has the experience and resources to take on this catastrophic damage case.

Man Dies Due to Nursing Home Delay

His daughter thought he was in good hands at the nursing home. But a delay in treatment, transfer to the hospital and medical care led to his untimely death.  He suffered for hours before anyone paid attention to him. Sound familiar?  Call GloriaLaw today to fight for justice and help stop nursing home abuse.

Facts About Nursing Home Abuse 

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Reporting Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Results and Awards

Gloria Seidule will talk to you, take on your fight and relentlessly pursue justice. She has the experience and passion to sue corporations, insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, trucking companies and the government for their wrongful acts that hurt you.

Wrong Side Implant Concealed by Hospital and Doctor

Susan Smith ( not actual name) needed a total knee replacement in her left knee. During surgery, the physician and the medical device salesman negligently put a right knee implant into Susan’s left knee. The hospital staff, physician and medical device representative discovered the error while Susan was in the recovery room but conspired to keep the error a secret from the patient. Susan hired Gloria Seidule without knowing the health care providers had concealed the error. Ms. Seidule discovered the cover-up during litigation leading to a settlement to compensate her client for her permanent injuries.

In litigation, Ms Seidule found that shortly after the surgery, Susan had severe problems with her knee caused by the wrong side implant in her knee. The physician recommended another surgery to her intentionally failing to disclose why she needed the second surgery. During the second surgery, the surgeon attempted to remove the knee implant without informing his patient in an effort to cover-up his error. This surgery failed, and Susan was still unable to walk or use her knee without knowing why the implant had failed. Hospital staff, the surgeon and the medical device salesman still had not informed the patient of this egregious error.  Finally, the surgeon told Susan that he had placed the wrong implant into her knee. Susan was eventually transferred to another hospital with another surgeon who resumed her care and performed another surgery. Unfortunately, due to this negligence, Susan will have to use a walker for the rest of her life.

Ms. Seidule found that the hospital failed to use a time-out procedure before cementing the implant onto plaintiff’s leg. This time-out procedure requires all people in the operating room take a time-out to confirm the correct implant was being used.  Ms. Seidule also discovered the surgeon had been previously disciplined in another state for failing to accurately document the medical records of his patient. Ms. Seidule also alleged the hospital failed to take correct action when it learned of the surgical error allowing the patient to undergo surgery without being informed of this terrible medical error.

The case was amicably settled before trial and is confidential.  Susan will never be able to repair her knee, but the settlement will allow her to pay for future care, medical needs and compensate her for having to live the rest of her life without a functioning knee.

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Slip and Fall Injury Walmart Law Suit Victory in Port St Lucie

Slip and Fall Injury $1.5 Million Dollar Jury Verdict and Attorney Fee Recovery

Gloria Seidule won a $1,287,144 Slip and Fall Injury law suit against Walmart in a negligent maintenance and assembly case against Walmart on February 7, 2013.  Walmart appealed and lost. In addition to the jury verdict, Gloria Seidule’s client recovered attorney’s fees, costs and interest for a total recovery of $1,548,297.73. The jury found Walmart negligently assembled and maintained a Gatorade sign that had fallen to the floor causing Tom Papakalodoukas, age 41, to violently fall to the ground tearing his biceps tendon in his right dominant arm.

Case Evidence

The evidence showed Walmart discarded the display sign after the fall even though it knew from store surveillance the display was the reason the sign fell causing serious injury to their customer.  Walmart then defended the case claiming the display had been properly assembled and maintained.  Walmart then blamed Gatorade for providing plastic screws that could easily brake to attach the sign to the display.

Attorney Gloria Seidule countered Walmart’s defense by presenting evidence, provided by the national Gatorade headquarters in Dallas, Texas, that if assembled properly, in accordance with Gatorade directions, the sign could not have fallen to the ground.  If the screws broke or came loose, it was Walmart’s duty to maintain the sign to ensure the safety of their customers.

Due to Walmart’s failure to preserve the Gatorade display, the Court instructed the jury that it could infer negligence if it found the incident would not normally happen absent negligence and the display was in the exclusive control of Walmart.

Jury Deliberation in Walmart Slip and Fall Injury Case

The Jury deliberated 4 hours and found Walmart 90% at fault for the severe injuries of its customer. Mr. Papakalodoukas has endured three major surgeries in two years due to the negligence of Wal-Mart. During the final surgery, doctors inserted a cadaver achilles tendon into his arm to assist in restoring strength optimal function.

Walmart hired Dr. Zeide, an orthopedist commonly hired by Walmart and other defendants on the Treasure  Coast,  to opine Mr. Papakalodoukas was not injured in the violent fall, and that all of his surgeries were due to an existing disease.  Dr. Zeide has never seen the patient, nor did he know what his current condition was. Instead, Dr. Zeide based his opinion on medical records of other doctors from the past. However, when cross-examined, Dr Zeide admitted Mr. Papakalodoukas did not have any tendon or shoulder pain before the fall and that the pain started after the fall. Dr. Zeide admitted he was no longer a surgeon even though the first line on his resume states “Orthopedic Surgery”.  Dr. Zeide offered an opinion Mr. Papakalodoukas could work, even though the patient’s own treating surgeon had not yet cleared him for work.

 Mr. Papakalodoukas has been left with a lifelong defect called a “popeye deformity,” which is a malformed right bulging bicep tendon that creates abnormal bulges on his arm.  Due to this fact, he has not been able to return to his former work as a beverage distribution manager.      

Walmart Found Responsible for this Injury

Through the efforts of Gloria Seidule, her client received a 1.287 million dollar verdict after the jury found Walmart was responsible for failing to keep its store clean and safe for its customers. Walmart denied liability and blamed her client for his injury. She was able to prove that Walmart failed to preserve evidence and was at fault for the sign falling to the floor causing very serious injuries to her client.

If you've been injured in a slip and fall injury call The Law Off of Gloria Seidule for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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Pharmacy Negligence - Multiple Clients Blinded by Eye Injections

A local eye doctor was indicted for Medicare fraud for falsely diagnosing patients and injecting their eyes for no reason. The doctor would then bill Medicare for treatment that was unnecessary, resulting in $105 million in Medicare payments of mostly fraudulent billing.  As part of this horrendous scheme, the doctor purchased vials of medication that were meant for single usage, shipped them to a “pharmacy”, paid the pharmacy to separate the vials into multiple vials against the manufacturer’s recommendations, and charge Medicare for each vial at a single dosage price.  In the process of carrying out this fraud, approximately 40 patients received injections from vials that had become contaminated at the pharmacy. Gloria Seidule represented multiple patients who lost their eyesight due to infections. The case was rapidly resolved after intensive research into the doctor’s scheme and the pharmacy’s negligence in repackaging the vials.  

Medicare fraud is usually only the tip of the iceberg when it relates to negligence. GloriaLaw is seeing more and more medical fraud cases that have malpractice underlying the fraudulent schemes.  Unfortunately, the Florida State Department of Health allows doctors to continuing practicing medicine after they have been convicted of fraud.  The only way to regulate them is to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Gloria Seidule is committed to justice against doctors and hospitals who are guilty of fraud and malpractice. The time to bring your case is limited, so do not delay in calling if you believe you have been the victim of one of these fraudulent schemes, medical malpractice, or pharmaceutical negligence.

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